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  • Take I-25 to Colfax Avenue West.
  • Take Colfax Avenue approximately 1/2 mile to Federal Boulevard North.
  • Take Federal Blvd North to Dick Connor Avenue (17th Ave).
  • Right turn onto Dick Connor Avenue (17th Ave).
  • Go one block and make a right turn onto Mile High Stadium Circle.
  • Go to the bottom of the hill and make a left into parking lot C.
  • Go to the North end of the lot, adjacent to Counties Gateway Plaza

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If you are experiencing any difficulty requesting a schedule or logging on to the site, please send an email to info@rmdlcf.com.

2015 Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair (RMDLCF) Student & Employer Registration Opening Soon

Student and employer registration for the 2015 Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair will be opening soon. For questions, please email info@rmdlcf.com or call the RMDLCF hotline at (303) 892-7377.

Student Registration:

Coming Soon

Employer Registration:

Coming Soon

Important RMDLCF Dates

Employer Registration TBD
Student Registration TBD
Student Bidding TBD
Employer Selection TBD
Student Confirmation TBD
Alternates Notified TBD
Job Fair TBD

CLI Partners With DGS For 2015 Career Fair

The Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair is pleased to partner with the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI). Davis Graham & Stubbs, RMDLCF's founding firm, works closely with CLI to make the job fair possible. CLI's mission of transforming the legal profession to one of inclusion dovetails nicely with RMDLCF's purpose of providing opportunities for diverse law students and graduates to meet employers about employment opportunities. Please visit their website at http://www.centerforlegalinclusiveness.org/.

Notice to Employers

The legal profession has undergone many changes over the past few years. Still, employers want to continue to demonstrate a commitment to diversity and prepare for any hiring needs they may have in the future. Accordingly, the Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair allows registered employers to conduct either traditional interviews for open positions, or informational interviews. When you post your job openings on this site, please specify which type of interview you are conducting. This will permit students and recent graduates to make informed decisions about how to spend their time and travel budgets.

For questions about the 2015 Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair, please email info@rmdlcf.com or call the RMDLCF hotline at (303) 892-7377.

Notice to Students

As legal employers and law students are aware, the economic climate has changed dramatically over the past few years. In an effort to continue putting students and recent graduates in contact with legal employers, the Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair allows employers to choose to conduct interviews for open positions or interviews that are informational only. Each employer will specify which type of interview they are conducting in their job posting.

About the RMDLCF

The Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair provides an excellent forum for legal employers, law students and law school graduates to meet and discuss employment options with the goal of expanding opportunities and assisting the legal profession in fulfilling its commitment to diversity. Legal employers attending the RMDLCF seek to hire law students and graduates from diverse backgrounds that have been traditionally under-represented in the practice of law in the Rocky Mountain region. These include law students and graduates who are ethnic or racial minorities, disabled, and/or gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Law students and recent law school graduates are invited to register and attend the RMDLCF and to apply for twenty-minute scheduled interviews with participating employers.

The Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair does not condone or support discriminatory hiring practices by an employer against any applicant or student on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, or any other protected status.

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